Monday, May 3, 2010

midlifing in may

now i know, i'm pretty sure,
i am midlifing...
after seven cycles of seven years,
i have reached a point in time
when i believe in me...
that i can utter a pure "no"
to things i cannot do.

the heat of the noontime sun
scorching every bit of skin cell
so symbolic of this noontime
of my life..

the summer, simmering, smoldering sun,
heating up from within
giving, offering, accompanying,
unburdening, encouraging,
drawing, creating, re-creating...

from where shall i heave my strength?
my knees are shaking
my eyes are failing
and yet my body pines, and yearns
for youth...

ahhh...the wisdom i have gleaned
from my colorful past.

oh the life i made from my
gaudy bygone days.

i shall treasure...
for i grow...still and silent
as i await my passing...


  1. thanks for dropping by Christer! hope spring brings you's unbelievably hot on this side of the planet. the islands are cooler though, when near the coastline, and the beaches of course..but, we've been having cool showers for the past 3 days! what a respite from the searing summer heat!

    smiles to you...

  2. Yes, this is so wonderfully written and very true. Love your blog! :-)

  3. thanks Carrie! glad you dropped by, really...i also followed you and would love to post a comment but couldn't...anyway, be happy always and go gently...


  4. Thank you for sharing, and also thank you so much for your encouraging words to me and being transparent. Blessings.

  5. oh, thank you JBR! thanks for praying with me. my daughter, Mikaela thanks you too! believe it or not, while surfing the net, she found God's assurance...through the twitter of a Christian Korean pop singer! of all places and of all people! God's ways are truly amazing! She found on the twitter a beautiful verse from Joshua 1:9!God is good!

    be happy and go gently...