Monday, June 22, 2009

a welcoming air

fresh flowers. a leaf bud appearing. freshly cut grass. signs of newness indeed. take a deep breath. life is good, isn't it? welcome to a new beginning as i am starting a life anew! today is a day for sacred space. as all of creation is, you are a special one. join me on a healing path as we journey through life. you may have gone through a labyrinthine walk in your life, a deep downspiral journey into darkness where you've never been before. i have gone through the same experience, and is still going through a lot in my life right now. some people call it depression. whatever it is, what matters is we are able to gather the wisdom we so need and the grace to embrace us. i'll share with you some of the poetry and reflections i wrote last year when i got into the depths. i'll get back tomorrow. go is good...

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