Saturday, July 4, 2009

illness and the soul

i just came from visiting malu, my soul friend. she is confined in a government hospital in quezon city. entering the hospital visitors' entrance is not really very welcoming. it looks like the narrow gate mentioned in the Bible. only one person at a time can pass through and you have to surrender extra belongings at a baggage counter. how discouraging. is this how they discourage visitors? i thought (but this is another story). it is past visiting hours ma'm, but since you seem to bring something for eating, i'll let you through, the kind guard said. true enough, the path to life is not an easy and convenient way. the winding way through the diabetic ward is even more disappointing. i prepared myself for the worst. the medical extension wards were all in one area. pneumonia, TB, diabetes patients in different rooms in one tiny inconspicuous wing area of the hospital. i asked the nurse in the station for my friend. i held tightly to my pasalubong of bananas. the native latundan are good for diabetics. she asked for it in her text message. i'm in diabetic ward, she said. bring bananas please, her request. she looked as if she was lifeless, a companion beside her. all the other women patients were pictures of pain and suffering. they don't have to say anything. it was a painful life.

malu had diabetes 20 years ago. she's now 54. one of prolific women writers of pampanga, a writer for the local paper and contributing her talent to other papers including RCW's CARE magazine (tell you about this later), malu is a beautiful soul, and a great life coach! she says my visit is a blessing. that i am a gift. what with marilou galang visiting with me, (she came in a little after i arrived), there was a burst of energy in the room!

before i left, we prayed together, me a Catholic, marilou a certified meditator and future Tibet pilgrim, we felt so much healing power and energy flowing through our, love, kindness, goodness, sincerity, light, care, nurture. malu felt like she wanted to get into a wheelchair and enjoy the space outside the she can't do that. the doctor was firm. she might contract other illnesses from the ones confined in the area. i left the hospital with a light and heavy heart. light, because i gave my best light massage for my friend-a light touch of love she felt really good about. heavy, because suffering abounds. so much of it. of which i'll tell more about next time...see you later...go gently....

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