Wednesday, September 9, 2009

soulwork is wonderful!

I've gone away for a long while...just from blogging, that is...probably the "blogblock"...but let me now share some thoughts i gathered from my heart (WW) and from others'...

creating womanspace
is going back to the Womb
of the Great Mother...

re-creating woman-story
all over again,
this time going through
a spiraling upwards
towards healing...

where blood, violence, hatred
brokenness are no more
and peace settles the heart...
calling, welcoming all to come,
reclaim wholeness... (WW)

"privation gives birth to power of soul and mind... distress is the nurse of self-respect... misfortune is a good breast for great souls." (v.hugo, 'les miserables')

...looks like this perfectly describes my inner life...August was indeed a tough month for me - at work and family demands; i'm taking care of 70-year old mom, who is sickly, and a 16-year old daughter who gives me tons and tons of laughter, tears, kisses, hugs...well, when she sent me this, i think i found myself questioning my style of parenting...

whoaaahhh! isn't she beautiful! the greatest gift in the world...being mom to my daughter and daughter to my mother is just so fulfilling. with all the rush to office work, keeping up with its demands, attending PTA, washing clothes, cooking, cleaning, writing...finally, keeping close to dear sweety at the end of the day, just makes me lift up my heart and say...thanks be to the (Great Mother-) God of Life!

go gently through life now...


  1. The music from Enya is southing for the soul.

  2. hi Christer! thanks for visiting! i'm still learning how to do the details of blogging. i've edited part of this and i hope to do more...go gently through life my friend!

  3. I think it´s good to take a breake from writng in ones blog from time to time. It must be a fun thing and if one always writes, even if one have a blogblock it will be a pain in the end.
    Take care!

  4. I too enjoy Enya's music, your blog is very interesting, and your daughter is beautiful and appears to be so full of life, it is a lovely photo.

  5. hi Christer and Aussiemade!

    it was my daughter (mikai)who posted the music of Enya, my favorite artist eversince...soothing music is indeed great for the soul!

    thanks for dropping by, friends! w.w.