Sunday, September 13, 2009

down came the rains...

when it rains, and it's a sunday,
i love to get cups and cups of
fresh mountain coffee and
drown myself into its pool...
warm stuff warming the heart
on a cold day when cold hearts
everywhere, walk here and there...

i look out my window
and lo and behold

all 's well
life is good
blessings abound
i know better days
are coming
the vendor of rice cakes
said so...
i believe her
after all, she has lived
to tell me this...

she gave me a hibiscus
to embrace
from where is the hibiscus?

she said nothing
just the smile
of this flower.
and i smile back...

go gently through life now...


  1. What a nice poem!
    Even if I don´t long for rain, we sure need some now. I´ll have to go out and water my garden again now.
    Beautiful hibiscus! I have some in pots in my garden, but they only have buds so far. If frost comes again I´m not sure I´ll get to see any flowers this year.
    Have a great day now!

  2. What a beautiful post. Yes there is something good about the cleansing of the rain.

  3. Your words are evocative.

    I too love coffee, real coffee, and sitting watching rain with coffee in my cup, is a delight for me too.
    I love and respect the wise folk about the weather, and life.

    I however would like more sunshine and warmth..however summer is coming.

  4. thanks Christer!

    poetry indeed soothes my soul. it has helped heal my pains and gives me the Lift in life.
    i hope and pray your hibiscus buds bloom soon!they're beautiful..they're called "gumamela" locally.

    keep warm and be blessed! thanks for visiting!


    oh Diane,

    rain truly cleanses the heart! now we're having lots of sunshine! the heart smiles...that's what i really like in the tropics. you get to have quite a balance of sun and rain...

    grateful heart for your visit...
    warms hugs!


    hi aussie friend!

    great to know you too love coffee. i particularly love our mountain coffee grown in the north region of the Cordilleras (i call it Cordees for short). we have lots of varieties though. the ones grown in the Tagalog region are stronger and i personally find them really tough!

    yes, the wisdom of the old folks, the island folks, the peasant and indigenous wisdom..they know, and have known so much! we need to reconnect. so much have vanished. i feel there is a need to reclaim an old wisdom that has been buried by megastructures called highways, railways, bridges and malls...your return to loving the yield of land is reclaiming that wisdom...i am so happy knowing that...thank you aussie friend for being there...

    happy that summer is coming to your side of the earth...warm sunshine and hugs!