Wednesday, September 9, 2009

a poetic life...

i was not able to sleep well last night. i'm worrying a lot. it's always about my daughter. she's enjoying high school much and i'm scared. do you think it's normal? yes it is, you say? oh well, thanks, it can really be draining...i just had an afternoon snack of our homemade peanut butter and our famous local bread, "pan de sal"'s good to eat and fill your self with comfort food! it was my co-worker, malou's idea...

getting sleepy now, after the sugar overload i think. gee, i have to cut down on that sugar or else...or perhaps, i wasn't able to sleep much last night (yawn)...but you see when i can't sleep, i write poetry or random thoughts. and when i'm about to write that last line, my head drops on my desk, which wakes me up and when i wake up i struggle to write and fall again...whoa! that's the signal...time to hit the bed...but wait, let me share what i wrote

i have fallen
into the depths
a labyrinth

i long for this
this pit

an emptiness
a cold embrace

where all else
can be

this beast
at the core
of my being

is also my

(did the angel put me to sleep?.....)

go gently now... W.W.


  1. Not having a doughter I can´t say that I understand why You are scared. Usually I sleep as a log during nights, so I´m not much helpful in that area either I´m afraid :-) But I hope You can get Your sleep, it´s so important that we get those hours so our brain can let go of the world and charge the batteries.
    Have a great day now!

  2. hi Christer! knowing you and the others are there with me, is great comfort. bless your heart, friend. will visit your blog in a too have a great day! WW.