Tuesday, September 15, 2009

psalm of a hut dweller...

there was no rain
the sun came out today,
i was smiling happy at everyone
i thought of visiting
the banana sidewalk vendor
and buy some

they're still green
but soon will ripen and turn
into golden yellow...

as i walked back home
i thought of the people
who can't eat...

those who are pushed
to the margins of society
pushed to the
fringes of the cruel city...

i dreamed of the best
for everyone...
but i stopped dreaming
i began to shout and called...

i called the stones...

i called the bamboo...

i called the rivers...

my voice reached the ends of the
Sierra Madre...

and they heard
my voice...
let us build!
let us build for my
urban poor dweller
for my shanty settler.

let us build!
so that she can

i reached my hut
ate my bananas
and dreamed

is that all i can be?


  1. Wonderful psalm and wonderful pictures!
    Have a great day now!

  2. thanks Christer! i'm beginning to discover things i can do on-blog. like "blogpoetry", where i can use the photos i collect from all over, and write poetry with them... it's exciting!

    glad you dropped by...

    go gently now...


  3. My first words to you Womanwisdom -
    I am humbled and somewhat overwhelmed by this poetry. What a gift and how wonderful that you share!
    I too write poetry. I have not yet learned to use pictures and manipulate things on my blog, but I'm working on it.
    Do come and visit my blog and give me some feedback.
    Thanks again for sharing. Shirley

  4. i am so happy for your visit, Shirley! welcome to the healingpath...the gift that is shared sends ripples of joy...

    i believe poetry is best learned when we follow the heart and are able to do the best thing poets do- to wait...

    go gnetly and warm hugs on a cool rainy afternoon here in the islands...


  5. Weena there is such a presence in your poetry. Takes me deeper and the photos take me to such extraordinary places I have never been.
    It is wet windy and wild here, warmth from the fire cheers and a cup of sadly not mountain coffee, but real beans sits by my side. May your day be full of joy and peace

  6. hi my Aussiefriend!

    thanks for affirming!
    poetry has been a source of healing for me...great to have coffee with you!

    peace and joy to you too!