Monday, September 28, 2009

i mourn for nature and humanity...

i can't post any pictures today. i can't write poetry. i can't wait for inspiration. i grieve for events past, devastating, destructive. life seems to have stopped. where do i start? what can i say? the rains fell, and fell and fell and for nine hours, poured in 420 mm of rainfall, normally the amount of rain for two months. it's all rain, just rain. and the rivers rose, and they rose and rose and it seemed like it never stopped rising. and the most terrible thing happened.

the river currents did not choose where to go. it just went and went and went. passed houses, trees, people, gas stations, malls, playgrounds, parks, supermarkets, hospitals, churches, city halls, government offices, schools...and i cried for the little houses, with the little people...carried away by the currents. and away and away and away it went with the mothers and children, the old folks, the fathers, the pets, the movie stars and government officials, basketball players, call center agents... were held tight by the strong arms of the river currents...and their senses were carried away. and our senses too were carried away...what do we do? as we watched and watched and watched as all vanished from our sight...

the Marikina Valley and nearby cities, Pasig, Cainta and San Mateo has become a receptacle in geological history. after a great earthquake thousands of years ago, this faultline cracked open and lo and behold, a valley lush and fertile unfolded...sadly, trees from nearby antipolo hills have been wantonly cut, raped and ravaged. where will the rain waters go? and sadly, the people's indifference have contributed to millions of trash...hence the flash floods rising, obtructing all sad...i many dead and numbers many of the children and elders lost, missing. and is their wisdom lost too? the children ask. perhaps i will offer a mandala for peace...

we need your positive thoughts...please send us some...we will be peace...



  1. I´m so sorry for all lives spilled and for all that now have to try to start their lives once again! Gathering whats left from their old lives, if anything is left, family or things. But I´m so glad that You are ok! I heard the news on the radio how bad the typhoon had hit You!
    Take care!

  2. I had not heard about the typhoon. I can only imagine the horror and devastation you must have witnessed. Now you must grieve, before you can rebuild, both your life and that of those people around you. Your job must be to share those things thought to be lost. But first, you must take care of yourself that you can be strong for those who need you most. Blessings to you and your land. Shirley

  3. bless your beautiful hearts Christer and Shirley! truly, God must be smiling at you for your deep concern.

    yes, rebuilding beginnings...hope...peace. we hold on to these..

    thank you thank you...i will post pictures next blog..hopefully today...